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It was so frustrating to update our schedules and timesheets manually. Everything is now quick, convenient, and precise.

Simplify your business admin

As your business grows, hires more employees, and expands to multiple locations, the admin work can become more mundane, time-consuming, and stressful. Camelo simplifies the admin process, saves you hours of your time, and removes stress from your life.

Camelo gives you a bird's eye view of your workforce—who’s on the clock, where they’re working, and what they’re working on. With controlled access, only those with your permission can create and assign shifts. Managers can prevent time theft via GPS, Wi-Fi, and facial validation.

No shifts are forgotten, no tasks are unfinished, and I always know what my staff are doing.

Eliminate manual spreadsheets and time tracking

With Camelo, you don't have to face the hassle of manual spreadsheets and time tracking anymore. Everything is in one app, fits in your pocket, and is easy to adjust in minutes.

Camelo enables you to create staff schedules in a few touches. With geolocation and biometric validation, you can track employees' attendance and work hours precisely. Managers can approve and later export timesheets for payroll.

Finally, we don't have to be drowned in endless piles of paper schedules anymore. My team members are notified whenever there are changes in the schedule. No one misses their shifts anymore.

Reduce stress and frustration, save time and money

Say goodbye to the cost of paper timesheets and schedules

Camelo lets you create, edit, and publish schedules, as well as assigning tasks right from your smartphone and on-the-go. Repeat schedules, AI/auto-schedule, and edit previous schedule templates all the way you want.

No more back-and-forth emails asking for time off and leaves

No more made-up excuses. Employees send time-off requests right on the app. Managers can see them all in one place, decide to approve or deny, and turn on the auto-approve feature when needed.

No more ringing around to find the right replacements for each shift

Employees can swap shifts in unexpected situations, or volunteer for open shifts. And in case you want to find replacements yourself, it's super easy to select staff based on availability, roles, and skills.

It's easy to keep my team updated on their schedules and tasks. We can drop each other messages right on Camelo without the need for another chat app.

Keep everyone on the same page and in touch

New schedules and changes are notified instantly to staff's phones, so there's no need to ring round. Your staff can view their shifts and clock in/clock out with their phones.

With the team messaging feature on Camelo, you and your staff can never miss important messages, announcements, and information anymore.

Different chat channels can be created for various purposes. Whether it's a 1-on-1 private conversation or a group chat for sending memes, Camelo helps improve internal communication in your business.

The overtime alerts and records of employees' work hours are of great help. Staying compliant no longer gives me headaches.

Help you stay compliant

Labor laws and regulations are complex and tough. Managers can record, approve, and export timesheets for payroll on Camelo, ensuring that you're paying your staff correctly and complying with the laws.

Overtime alerts save your staff from working unplanned overtime. All details are saved and stored automatically, so you have a record of your employees' work hours and your company's compliance.

We contacted the Camelo team to have a few customizations for our business' needs. They were very willing to help and everything was set up perfectly.

You and your business are in good hands

With over hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who have loved and trusted our product and service, Camelo is not just an app. It's a time-saving tool that smoothens your business workflow and performance while keeping everyone updated and involved.

Our team is constantly improving Camelo to introduce more features that make business owners, team leaders, and managers' lives easier.

Using Camelo is a way to love yourself, your teams, and your business. ❤️

Easy to set up.
Easy to use

Set up employee schedule in a few touches, in a few minutes. Employers and employees can easily use the app without too much sweat and training. Save your time for more important tasks.

Support and listen to you 24/7

We're passionate about helping you and your business thrive. We care about your success and your time.

That's why the Camelo team is available 24/7 to provide the support that you need, and willing to enhance the user experience. 💪❤️

We made this app to solve your problems.


Employee Scheduling

Create cost-optimized schedules and share instant updates easily.


Team Messaging

Never miss important announcements and updates.


Time & Attendance

Turn any phone into time clock, with location capture and biometric recognition.


Task Management

Assign tasks to your staff, get notified when they're done.



Easily track employee hours and export timesheets for seamless payroll processing.



Integrate with payroll and other HR systems.

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