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Assign shifts in seconds

  • Schedule employees based on availability, skills, roles, and locations.
  • Edit and copy previous schedule templates for quick scheduling.
  • Clone and import shifts for creating repeated schedules.
  • Make updates in bulk for fast large-scale editing.

Assign shifts in seconds
Notify schedule updates instantly

Notify schedule updates instantly

  • New schedules and updates are sent to your team via desktop or mobile.
  • Request a confirmation to make sure your staff have received the updates.
  • Reminders alert staff of their shifts, tasks, and task instructions.

See all leaves and time off in one place

Employees can request time off and leaves via Camelo. All requests are put together in one place. Deny or approve them with one click, or turn on the auto-approve requests setting.

Manage leaves and time off in one  place
Monitor attendance and availability

Monitor attendance and availability

  • See who's arrived, who's running late, and who's off for the day.
  • Know who can work and when, then assign shifts accordingly.

Handle last-minute changes easily

  • Employees can swap shifts in unexpected situations, or choose open shifts if they want more work hours.
  • Managers can deny or approve the requests, or turn on the auto-approve feature.
  • Find shift replacements for absences right on Camelo without having to ring around.

Handle last-minute changes easily
Multiple location enabled shifts

Scale across multiple locations

  • Schedule and manage employees of multiple locations with only one app.
  • Only people with granted permission can create schedules and make changes.

Manage schedules anywhere, on any devices

  • Create, update, and manage schedules wherever you are, from any devices.
  • Camelo is available on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.

On any devices
Get rid of scheduling issues with Camelo app

Say goodbye to scheduling issues

Handle all common scheduling issues with Camelo. Get rid of unexpected headaches.

Eliminate under-staffing and over-staffing.
Send reminders to employees' phones so no one forgets their shifts.
Find replacements quickly for emergencies, sudden absences, and no-call, no-shows.

Why use our scheduling app?

Spend more time and energy on the right things instead of mundane scheduling work

No one loses track of their work, both employers and employees

Scheduling issues and sudden absences are no longer terrifying

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I save so much time on creating and managing work schedules. Camelo declutters my mind and I can now focus on what's more important.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Employee scheduling software streamlines the process of scheduling, time and attendance tracking, and team messaging. Employers can assign shifts and tasks on any device. New work schedules and changes are sent instantly to employees' phones.
Yes, you can integrate Camelo schedules with calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal.
You can access some parts of Camelo in offline mode. However, as Camelo is a cloud-based software, you need an active internet connection for full access.
Yes, the Camelo support team is available 24/7. You can contact us via email, live chat and phone support.
Yes. When you assign a new shift to an employee, they will receive a message on the app. They must accept or decline the shift within a certain time frame.

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